torstai 16. joulukuuta 2010

Helsinki Winner 11.12.2010

Oh boy! I feel like a winner even though we didn't win ;).

Ryppy was second in open class! Me, being far from professional handler, messing up and being careless, managed to keep the thing together (except for loosing one shoe because the strap didn't hold) BUT what played the bigger part was that Ryppy had a great spirit and energy (I think that it was because of that flying shoe...).

I had no expectations at all so that's why I am so happy!

All results (unofficial)

Judge, Jaqueline Quiros-Kubat, Argentina (Dragonfly whippets)

Open Class EXC/2

Lovely head and expression. Good ears. A little straight in front. Needs more fill. Moves better in the fron than rear. Lifts his tail in movement. I would like to see more reach in front.


maanantai 6. joulukuuta 2010

Topi goes agility

© Susanna Korpela

Tässä pieni näyte siitä, mitä olemme tehneet Topin kanssa sunnuntaisin. Olemme harjoitelleet aivan superkivassa ja rennossa vinttikoiraryhmässä agilityä koirakoulu Silkkitassussa. Tila on verratain pieni, ja pohja on kova, joten mitään isoja hyppyjä ei tehdä, mutta ihan riittävästi on meillä tekemistä ja ohjaaja on teettänyt meillä kiitettävästi pieniä ratoja ja täytyy kyllä sanoa, että kaikki ryhmässä olevat koirat ovat omaksuneet tämän lajin todella nopeasti ja innokkaasti.

We've been training agility with Topi in a small and very sympathetic group consisting of sighthounds only. The fences and jumps are small because of hard surface and the hall is quite small, but we have quite enough to do despite that. The trainer lets us do small tracks even though most of us are just beginners and I have been amazed how quickly and eagerly all dogs have adapted this sport.