maanantai 20. helmikuuta 2012

Winter fashion

No matter how long the winter is, I try to make it more bearable with colourful winter outfits. This is not just to amuse myself but to have proper clothing for any weather conditions and the whippets seem to appreciate their warm outfits as well.

 -4 degrees and double  fleece coats are just enough for outing.

This is Gigo, my friend's dachshund, who is wearing a winter coat made by me.

Woollen pullovers that can be worn as such or as underware. Topi's pullover is still unfinished and missing sleeves

Double fleece allovers: THE must-to-have winter outfit. 

We are ready to face -20 Celsius or more, when these thicker coats are dressed on top of everything.

And what about me...??? I think we cannot talk much about fashion, when it comes to my aspiration to dress up warmly.

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