keskiviikko 25. heinäkuuta 2012

Kartano Weekend 22.7.

Judge Birgit Wamberg (Fairway whippets), Denmark

Pipsqueak Onnenlantti
Champion class EXC

An elegant dog in hard condition. Classic head. Long neck, with good arch. Deep brisket. Nice rise over the loin. Stong hindquarters, with good angulation. Very good moderate bone. Tail a bit short and could be better set. Very nice temperament. Moves true, could take longer step.

Photo (c) C'mere

Sopisco Bengal Tiger
Champion Class VG

Very elegant head. Fine and small ears. Very nice long tail. Good spring of ribs. A nicely balanced elegant picture. Front a bit forward on body and thereby neck too upright. Could use more rise over the loin. Elegant bone. Moving out at albows.

photo (c) C'mere
 An extra big thanks to Nilla helping with Topi! You did great job!

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