torstai 13. kesäkuuta 2013

Erikoisnäyttely ja Open Show

Finnish Whippet Club Specialty 8.6.2013
Judge Mr. Bart Scheerens

Rasta, Sagramour Moonshine Endeavor 10 months
"Elegant boy with nice outline. Masculine head with nice expression. Would like to see stronger jaws. Wonderful topline with good lenght of loin. Little bit straight in front. Nice bend of stile. Free mover but would like to have a little bit power in back."
EXCELLENT no placement.

having a second look (c) Risto Kääriäinen

Ryppy (Pipsqueak Onnenlantti) 5 years
"Beautiful male. Wonderful breed type. Lovely outline. Elegant head. Light eyes. Long neck. Good front assembly. Well angulated in back. Could have more drive in the back when he moves."
EXCELLENT no placement.

(c) Bonnywapit

Progeny Class, judge Mr Bo Bengtson
"Lovely group. Very elegant and feminine. Sufficient angulation behind. All a little straight in upper arm, but good movers. Beautiful group."
2nd with HP

Group consisted of Besties Q-Luisa, Besties Q-Rankukka, Sagramour Moonshine Endeavor and Sagramour Magic Endeavor.

(c) Petra Flyhström

Finnish Whippet Club Open Show 9.6.2013
Judge Mr. Bo Bengtson
Rasta, Sagramour Moonshine Endeavor 10 months
"Very elegant. Could be more masculine. Good expression and ears. Long neck. Good topline and proportions. Needs more body. Straight in upper arm but very good hindquarters."

(c) Bonnywapit
Ryppy (Pipsqueak Onnenlantti) 5 years
"Well balanced. Very attractive. Could be more masculine. Good expression, topline and substance. Could have deeper chest and more angulation. Sufficient bone. Moves ok."

Ryppy on the left, Play A While Mora Markand on the right

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